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Zorgon Peterson Hauler
Zorgon Peterson Hauler.jpg
Manufacturer: Zorgon Peterson
Cost: 52,720 Cr
Top Speed*: 200 m/s
Boost Speed*: 300 m/s
Maneuverability*: 6
Shields*: 50
Armour*: 50
Type: Freighter
Hull Mass: 14 tons
Hardpoints: 1 Small Hardpoint
Utility Mounts: 2 Utility Mounts
Internal Compartments: 1x Size 1 Compartment
1x Size 2 Compartment
2x Size 3 Compartments
Hyperspace Capable: Yes
Landing Pad Size: Small
*Information represents the ship's default performance.

The Hauler is Zorgon Peterson's low level entry in the freighter market and has been a big success. A large cargo capacity (for its size), cheap purchase price and low running costs have been these the most popular small cargo ships in human space.
~ In-game description


The Zorgon Peterson Hauler is a heavy hauler designed to move mass amounts of cargo from place to place. Due to its 16 unit cargo bay (as opposed to something like the Sidewinder Mk. I which only has 4 cargo units available), it is principally used to move mass amounts of cargo from station to station.

Ship Equipment

Slot Slot Class Default Module Default Class Default Rating
Reactor Bay 2 Power Plant 2 E
Thruster Mounting 2 Thrusters 2 E
FSD Housing 2 Frame Shift Drive 2 E
Environment Control 1 Life Support 1 E
Power Coupling 1 Power Distributor 1 E
Sensor Suite 1 Sensors 1 E
Fuel Store 2 Fuel Tank 2 C
Internal Compartment 3 Cargo Rack (Capacity: 4) 2 E
Internal Compartment 3 Cargo Rack (Capacity: 4) 2 E
Internal Compartment 2 Shield Generator 2 E
Internal Compartment 1 Basic Discovery Scanner 1 E

Ship Specifications

Ship Mass 35.9 tons
Cargo Capacity 8 tons
Fuel Capacity 4 tons
Jump Range (Unladen) 9.87 Ly
Jump Range (Laden) 8.08 Ly
Power Capacity 6.40 MW
Power Usage 4.85 MW

Purchase Locations

System Station
Achenar Baker Terminal
Alano Leestma Port
Beta Sculptoris Fan Horizons
Beta-1 Tucanae Adams Orbital
Canopus Rangarajan's Base
Cartu Giraud Ring
CD-52 187 Nojiri Dock
Cockaigne Ottley's Landing
Eotienses Parkinson Dock
Gliese 828 Braun Station
Jeterait Bradshaw Hub
Leesti George Lucas
LFT 926 Meredith City
Luyten's Star Ashby City
Nuenets Laliberte Enterprise
Soch Whitcomb Ring
Wuru Schuster Hub
WW Piscis Austrini Ivins Vision

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