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Type-7 Transporter
Lakon Type 7.jpg
Manufacturer: Lakon Spaceways
Cost: 17,472,252 Cr
Top Speed*: 180 m/s
Boost Speed*: 300 m/s
Maneuverability*: 2
Shields*: 120
Armour*: 120
Type: Freighter
Hull Mass: 420 tons
Hardpoints: 4 Small Hardpoints
Utility Mounts: 4 Utility Mounts
Internal Compartments: 2x Size 2 Compartments
2x Size 4 Compartments
2x Size 5 Compartments
2x Size 6 Compartments
Hyperspace Capable: Yes
Landing Pad Size: Large
*Information represents the ship's default performance.

The Type 7 Transporter is Lakon Spaceway's medium size transport vessel. This is a new model, released in 3290. It's slow but moves a lot of tonnage for its size.
~ In-game description


The Lakon Type-7 is an early derivative of the Lakon Type-9 Heavy. It is a lumbering craft, more prone to trading than combat.

Default Equipment

Slot Slot Class Default Module Default Class Default Rating
Reactor Bay
Thruster Mounting
FSD Housing
Environment Control
Power Coupling
Sensor Suite
Fuel Store
Internal Compartment 6
Internal Compartment 6
Internal Compartment 5
Internal Compartment 5
Internal Compartment 4
Internal Compartment 4
Internal Compartment 2
Internal Compartment 2

Ship Specifications

Ship Mass
Cargo Capacity
Fuel Capacity
Jump Range (Unladen)
Jump Range (Laden)
Power Capacity
Power Usage

Purchase Locations

System Station
Alano Leestma Port
Beta Sculptoris Fan Horizons
Beta-1 Tucanae Adams Orbital
Cartu Giraud Ring
LFT 926 Meredith City
Soch Whitcomb Ring
Wuru Schuster Hub
WW Piscis Austrini Ivins Vision

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