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The Empire

Originally founded by Marlin Duval, who led the colonization of the Achenar system in the mid 23rd century, the Empire is based on a ‘cliens’ system. Society is strictly stratified, with people being able to move between strata (lower strata particularly) based on money, patronage and influence.

The Empire values both status and honor very highly indeed. So whilst it is acceptable to flaunt wealth, treating people well is a question of honor – and this includes slaves. Having an unpaid debt is seen as utterly dishonorable – an honorable Imperial citizen would sell themselves into slavery to clear a debt they couldn't otherwise clear.

Law is seen and enforced very differently in the Empire. Senators are responsible for enforcing the Emperor’s laws, but the Senators themselves are above the law. They can order executions, and can even kill people themselves, though sometimes (rarely) they may be held to account for their actions by the Emperor. Some Senators are warlike and may take over systems in the name of the Empire, to get the spoils, and they may get a good deal of support as a result. Some Senators do not tolerate slavery, and regularly speak out against it, but from the basis of honor - not suggesting it should not be legal.

In the Empire, very little is illegal, but many things are frowned upon, like excessive use of narcotics.

The Empire Fighter

Empire Fighter

The Empire's standard small class single man fighter is as famous for its agility as it is for its short range.If you see one of these then you know that something bigger is lurking nearby.