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The following guidelines should be followed whenever editing or creating a page. They're intended to allow the Wiki to maintain a consistent style of formatting on similar pages (ships, weapons, systems, etc.). More guidelines will be added later.


Ship pages should include the 4 following main sections.

Ship info template

The ship info template should be filled out and added to every ship page. It allows for a quick display of basic ship information such as their value, mass, and their hyperspace capability. This template will automatically be positioned on the right side of the page, and will automatically add the ship's page to the ships category.

In-game description

After the info template, the first thing that should be added is the in-game description of the ship. This can be found by going to a shipyard and looking at the description of a specific model of ship. The quote template should be used, with the author being listed at "In-game description".

Ship Summary

A brief summary of the ship in question should be written here, briefly covering uses, weaknesses, and faction status (if applicable).

Default Equipment

The default equipment should be listed here, links to the respective pages should be made as well, along with additional details about the default parts on the ship (class, quality, etc.).

Ship Specifications

Default performance of the ship should be listed here. This should include the ship's mass, jump range, power usage, and cargo capacity. The following example was pulled from the Sidewinder Mk. I page.

Ship Mass 46.9 tons
Cargo Capacity 4 tons
Fuel Capacity 2 tons
Jump Range (Unladen) 7.56 Ly
Jump Range (Laden) 6.96 Ly
Power Capacity 6.40 MW
Power Usage 5.24 MW

Purchase Locations

This section is intended to provide a general list of locations where the ship in question can be purchased. Ideally each ship page would have at least 10-15 purchase locations, however there is no limit to the amount that can be listed. The ship locations template should be used for this section.

Ship Equipment

Ship equipment consists of any modules which can be mounted on or swapped out on a ship within Elite: Dangerous.

Equipment Summary

A brief summary of the module or piece of equipment in question should be used to start the article.

Detailed Info

This section should include a fairly detailed overview of the mechanics involved in using the equipment in question (Examples would be how to scoop fuel on the Fuel Scoop page, or how to use an AFM Module)


This section should include a table with detailed information regarding the different variations of the equipment in question. See the Shield Generator or Frame Shift Drive pages for examples.


Systems should be listed on the wiki if they are a key system in the Elite: Dangerous universe. Examples of key systems are as follows:

System Importance
Sol Federation home system. Also includes earth.
Polaris Marked as an important system on the galaxy map. Contains what is referred to as the "North Star"
Arcturus Marked as an important system on the galaxy map. Important Federation system.
Achenar Imperial home system.
Alioth Founding system for the Independent Alliance.
Lave Starter system from the original Elite.
Shinrarta Dezhra Elite Pilot's Federation controlled system. Also referred to as the "Founder's System". Only accessible by kickstarter backers and those who have reached "elite" within the Pilot's Federation.

Systems that are not part of an in-game event and are not marked as an important system can still be documented here on the wiki. A large amount of pages will be created which will be very difficult to keep up to date. Please contribute!