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Eranin System Map.jpg
Jurisdiction: Independent
Government: Communist
Economy: Agricultural
Primary Station: Azeban City
Stars: 1
Planets: 6
# Stations:
Exports: Mineral oil, Wine, Fruit and Veg., Coffee, Tea, Leather, Fabrics
Black market?

Real-world astronomy:

Eranin is a star system in the universe of Elite: Dangerous. It is currently embroiled in a cold war with the Federation, with mercenary contracts available on both sides.

Important Places in Eranin

By far, the most important location in Eranin is the Azeban City station, where all of the trading in the system takes place.


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Current Situation

Eranin is currently in the middle of a civil war between the independent government and a group of federalist rebels. It is suspected that the rebels are being supplied with weapons by Federation special operations teams, however no concrete proof has been exposed. Ship commanders are taking part in the conflict through both trading and ship to ship combat. Demand is high for medical supplies in Azeban City for the treatment of individuals involved in the fighting, while demand is high for weapons on the black market for use by rebel forces.

Eranin Navigation Points