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The world of Elite: Dangerous is partly one of inter-global commerce. Many stations have or need certain Commodities, and have specific buy and sell rates which allow commanders to make money on the market. These items are divided into commodity types.


Chemicals are the various components created for various uses in stations and planets.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Explosives 378 High Tech, Refinery Extraction
Hydrogen Fuel 147 All Agricultural
Mineral Oil 259 Agricultural Refinery
Pesticides 292 High Tech Agricultural

Consumer Items

Consumer Items are those materials and items specifically created for consumption, i.e. entertainment and ease-of-life.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by1
Clothing 395 Industrial All
Consumer Technology 7,031 High Tech All
Domestic Appliances 631 Industrial All


Foods are items grown or farmed for consumption.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Algae 200 Agricultural Industrial
Animal Meat 1,460 Agricultural All
Coffee 1,460 Agricultural All
Fish 493 Agricultural All
Food Cartridges 206 Industrial All except Agricultural
Fruit and Vegitables 395 Agricultural All
Grain 275 Agricultural All
Synthetic Meat 324 High Tech All except Agricultural
Tea 1,646 Agricultural All

Industrial Materials

Industrial Materials are those materials created for industrial production, and typically support ship construction.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Polymers 216 Refinery Industrial, Military, Terraforming
Superconductors 7,031 Refinery Industrial, Terraforming
Semiconductors 1,029 Refinery High Tech, Industrial, Terraforming

Legal Drugs

Drugs traded on the marketplace are legal chemicals which alter the mind and body.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by1
Beer 240 Agricultural All
Liquor 738 Agricultural, Industrial All
Narcotics 240 - -
Tobacco 5,088 Agricultural All
Wine 324 Agricultural All


Machinery support the industrial systems of the various stations and planets.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by1
Athmospheric Processors 493 Industrial Agricultural
Crop Harvesters 2,378 Industrial Agricultural
Marine Equipment 4,474 Industrial Agricultural
Microbial Furnaces 266 High Tech Refinery
Mineral Extractors 700 Industrial Extraction
Power Generators 631 Industrial All
Water Purifiers 378 Industrial All


Medicines promote the well-being of the populace and increase general performance.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by1
Agri-Medicines 1,154 High Tech Agricultural
Basic Medicines 395 High Tech, Industrial All
Combat Stabilisers 3,055 - -
Performance Enhancers 7,031 High Tech All
Progenitor Cells 7,031 High Tech All


Metals are of prime importance in space travel and combat.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Aluminium 412 Refinery Industrial
Beryllium 8,549 Refinery High Tech, Industrial
Cobalt 823 Extraction, Refinery High Tech, Industrial
Copper 570 Refinery Industrial
Gallium 5,426 Refinery High Tech, Industrial
Gold 9,742 Extraction, Refinery High Tech, Industrial
Indium 6,175 Refinery High Tech, Industrial
Lithium 1,749 Refinery High Tech, Industrial
Palladium 13,527 Extraction High Tech, Industrial
Platinum 18,814 Mining High Tech, Industrial
Silver 5,088 Extraction, Refinery High Tech, Industrial
Tantalum 4,196 Refinery High Tech, Industrial
Titanium 1,154 Refinery Industrial
Uranium 2,869 Refinery High Tech, Industrial


Minerals are used to create materials throughout the world of Elite: Dangerous. Often minerals won't show up on the commodities list unless you have them in your cargo (for example because you just mined them). The price offered will then be about 60% of galactic average.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Bauxite 216 Extraction Refinery
Bertrandite 2,694 Extraction Refinery
Coltan 1,550 Extraction Refinery
Gallite 2,101 Extraction High Tech, Refinery
Indite 2,378 Extraction Refinery
Lepidolite 700 Extraction Refinery
Rutile 412 Extraction High Tech, Refinery
Uraninite 1,029 Extraction Refinery


Slavery is illegal in Federation space and most independent systems. In Empire space slavery is legal and slaves can be bought and sold. Imperial slaves are special: they sold themselves into slavery (temporarily?) to pay off debt. This means that such slaves will not be accepted for missions that need 'Slaves'

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Imperial Slaves 16,485 - -
Slaves 11,107 - -


Technology drives the settling of new worlds and the habitation of old systems.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Advanced Catalysers 3,055 High Tech Refinery
Animal Monitors 378 High Tech Agricultural
Aquaponic Systems 349 High Tech Agricultural, Terraforming
Auto Fabricators 3,937 High Tech Industrial
Bio Reducing Lichen 1,089 High Tech Extraction
Computer Components 631 Industrial High Tech
H.E. Suits 349 High Tech Extraction, Industrial, Military, Refinery
Land Enrichment Systems 5,088 High Tech Agricultural, Terraforming
Resonating Separators 6,175 High Tech Refinery
Robotics 1,976 High Tech Industrial


Textiles allow people to not be naked. <- whomever wrote this is funny as hell

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Leather 240 Agricultural Industrial
Natural Fabrics 493 Agricultural Industrial
Synthetic Fabrics 252 Refinery Industrial


Waste is the material generated through the consumption of materials.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Biowaste 74 All except Agricultural Agricultural
Chemical Waste 79 - Refinery
Scrap 96 High Tech, Industrial Refinery


Weapons are utilized in various and varied types of ways.

Type Galactic Avg. Produced by Consumed by
Battle Weapons 7,031 - -
Non-Lethal Weapons 1,976 High Tech, Military All
Personal Weapons 4,474 - All
Reactive Armour 2,235 High Tech, Military All

1 Economies that produce a commodity do not usually have a demand for it. Commodities that are listed as being "Consumed by All" are consumed by all economies except for the economy it was produced by.


Salvage differs from normal commodities due to the fact that you cannot purchase salvage at a commodity market, you can only find them floating through space at Unidentified Signal Sources.

Type Galactic Avg.
Ancient Artefact 5,000
Black Box ?
Experimental Chemicals 2,250
Military Plans 5,400
Prototype Tech 6,100
Rare Artwork 4,750
Trade Data 1,450
Sap 8 core container 55,000