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Aulin system.png
Jurisdiction: Federation
Government: Corporate
Economy: Tourist and high tech (Rich)
Primary Station: Aulin Enterprise
Stars: 1
Planets: 4
# Stations: 3
Exports: Pesticides, Synthetic Meat, Agri-medicines, combat stabilisers, progenitor cells, Advanced catalysers, bioreducing lichen, HE suits, terrain enrichment systems, biowaste, scrap
Black market? Yes

Real-world astronomy:

Aulin is a star system in the universe of Elite: Dangerous.

In-game description:

Nirvana is an exotic, verdant outdoor world, rich in indigenous life. A high tech largely biotech and pharmaceutical industry developed initially from exploiting the biological wonders found in the vast equatorial cloud forests. Tourists come to see the incredible beauty of the largely undamaged flora and fauna, vigorously protected by the Aulin Corporation. There is also some farming of high value local produce.

Important Places in Aulin

By far, the most important location in Aulin is the Aulin Enterprise station, where all of the trading in the system takes place.

Aulin Navigation Points